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Nickname: Ty | He's our "dope on a rope". Lovable and large, this laid back gelding rides English and Western. Ty has introduced many kids and grandmothers to riding. Lynn has owned Ty since he was just 2 years old.



Nickname: GiGi, Gingi or

Ging-a-mee-nah-Jello Beana-Macaroni Pony. A very long nickname for a very special pony | Ginger is a barn favorite here at Black Fox Farm. Always greeting riders with a whinny or nicker. She's a sturdy pony who has a kind and loving personality.


Nickname: Doodle-Bug | This is Cowboy Bob's trusty steed. This beautiful registered paint mare was given to us in December 2006. She came with some psychological baggage, but with consistent training and love she has blossomed into a good ol' girl.


Nickname: Navi | Navajo originally came from a cutting horse ranch in Idaho. This stocky little quarter pony has a sweet personality with a heart of gold. She was green broke when she arrived at our farm, but has grown into a wonderful, outgoing mount who loves exploring the local trails and beaches.


Nickname: Pops | This is the newest addition to our herd. Short in stature with a BIG personality. He's a spicy lil' meatball who is a great leadline pony for the youngest of riders & we're working on training him to pull a cart!


Nicknames: Clee & Peep-a-rella | These lovely little donkeys are Black Fox Farm's living lawn ornaments. Sweet and gentle these two girls are always looking for a handout. They have a tendency to greet you with very loud brays, especially near feeding time.

The Maine Farm Bureau has recognized Black Fox Farm as a Horse Farm of Merit. The farm was selected on scoring based on criteria of horse health, farm management and public standards compliance.

Horse Farm of Merit
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