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Lure coursing is a fun activity that provides your dog with a great outlet to use their natural ability to run fast and visually focus on something in motion. Your dog will chase after a mechanized plastic lure in a controlled environment. Lure coursing can improve agility and focus and will quickly become your dog's favorite activity. Sighthound breeds, terriers, or any dog with a prey drive will have a blast & will certainly tire themselves out, leaving you with a happy dog.

  • Dog Park
  • Dog pools + water
  • Porta Potty 
  • Limited Overnight Camping
  1. It is recommended that your dog does not eat or drink at least 1 hour prior to running the course.

  2. Harnesses are prohibited while running the course. Flat/ martingale collars may be left on while your dog runs the course.

  3. Retractable leashes are prohibited at the event. Leashes need to be 6' or less.

  4. It is recommended to bring water & a bowl for "cool down" after your dog is done participating.

  5. All participants are expected to clean up after their dog.

  6. All children must be supervised and should not interact with any other dogs but their own. All children must remain near their designated guardian.

  7. These events are not intended for socialization. All dogs must remain on leash until ready to run. All dogs must be under control at all times.

  8. Some dogs will be excited & highly focused on their run. Please be respectful and give one another space.

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